I have not written in a few days. Mostly because I told myself that I need to spend my time doing other stuff. Even though I really didn’t, thats nothing new though. I feel very nostalgic right now. But nostalgic from my life I guess. I watched a little bit of Nip/Tuck tonight. It reminded me of when I used to always watch it. I really miss watching that show. I need to set aside time for me to actually do stuff and have a life. Like read and watch TV.

High School is almost over and I seriously can’t wait for it to be. I want to get on with my life even know I will probably miss what I have now later on in life but I feel so limited with what I could do. I set my goals so high but never achieve them. I want to achieve those high goals and actually do something with my life. Who knows if I will be able to do so right out of high school. I have seen it happen to some and for others it takes a long time to get there.

I have had a lots of things on my mind for a while now. For instance Graduation, Money, Jobs, College, and A Car, just to name a few. I get reminded everyday about how my parents want to see my “walk” on graduation. Though I need to buy my freakin Cap & Gown first.