UNLV Acceptance Notification

It was Thursday afternoon. I was in the Broadcasting room at school and I had some free time. I remembered that I have not checked my UNLV Admission Application Status in the last few days because I was either not able to get to a computer by 8pm or I was asleep and didn’t wake up till after.

The magic 8pm is the time when they disable their Online Application/Registration website. By this point in time, I the only reason I would check the website is so that I could physically see it say, “Denied”. I know I could probably be admitted to UNLV after getting denied by SAT/ACT scored, Letters of Recommendations, or just by me knowing people who work for the school. Though as I said before, it probably wasn’t an option since I knew I was just going to goto CSN to do my core classes then transfer to another college. Its the economical way to do it and I have been told by many different people, even the media, that going to a Junior College to get your core credits and then transfer to a traditional 4 year university would be the best thing to do. That was my plan, initially, I guess. But after I took a campus tour of UNLV. I fell in love with the Campus. I love the feel of walking through a place like that. It just felt right. I have yet to visit CSN. Though I have gone there a few times but that was years ago and I vaguely remember what the Henderson Campus of CSN even looks like.

But back to the story….
I logon to the website and check my Admission Status. I immediately screamed “WHAT!!!!” Everyone kind of looked at me and asked what I was screaming about. I replied to them that I got accepted to UNLV and explained to them how I didn’t think I would get in because my GPA was not high enough and I have not taken my SAT/ACT’s yet. The other students in the classroom just told me not to even question why I got accepted but to just accept the fact that I did.

For most kids, getting accepted to UNLV is nothing. Especially for kids who come from my High School. The school to which my Government teacher said, “If this were like other countries where you are split up between the smart and not so smart at an early age. Most of you would not even be here. This is one of the best High Schools in the state and the country. You should feel really lucky.” I don’t know if many kids from the Clark Country School District even get denied admission from UNLV. But my guess is there has to be come.

Wow, I don’t even know where I am going which this blog entry. I am I just lucky? or am I am in the pool with everyone else.